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Create fake Bitcoin website, Bitcoin wallet & fake transaction


Feb 14, 2022

Have you been wondering how you can create fake Bitcoin Website,also create fake Bitcoin wallet and how to send fake Bitcoin transaction that looks very real with Bitcoin sender software?

Then rhis post “create fake Bitcoin website, Bitcoin wallet & fake transaction” is for you.

We have been making yahoo scam easier here daily with our latest free yahoo formats and updates and also with our paid tools like fake Bitcoin sender software,clone video app and fake banking websites.

First we should talk about what Bitcoin is and in general what crypto currency is for the benefits of new members here,below I have taken my time to explain this terms!

Bitcoin according to wikipedia is a cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.

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Cryptocurrency in the other hand in lay man terms can be describe as virtual or digital money which and be use to exchange goods or and services, this means that cryptocurrency is not physical paypal or coin money, its all about digital and it serves same purpose with paper money like dollar, naira ,pounds e.t.c

Bitcoin is one of the most valuable cryptocurrency word-wide.

Cryptocurrency is being neglected by many persons because Scammers (yahoo boys) now use it to defraud people,Bitcoin transaction is very secured that it cant be traced like other payment methods, it can be sent anywhere in the world without involving third parties and no verification is required during the transaction so its the safest means of collecting money from clients by yahoo boys.

One Bitcoin alone is a lot of money. A whole lot of money. Just like banks get robbed and hacked, people have found diverse ways to steal Bitcoin from other people’s Bitcoin wallet

fake bitcoin mining websites looks so real

They are many ways yahoo boys uses to collect Bitcoin from clients and victims One of these ways is by hacking the person’s Bitcoin account, the other way is by creating a Real Fake Bitcoin Website from which you can deceive or convince people into parting with their coins.

So if you plan to own fake Bitcoin website then we are here for you, normally creating webites is always expensive especially dynamic like this but we will make it affordable for you.

All our clone fake websites looks so real and u can easily use it to fool your victims, check our this fake site below!

Fake Bitcoin website

We’ve created for hundreds of clients and most are still using theirs till date. Some careless and greedy persons got theirs spotted however, but not after raking in millions of dollars into their bank accounts. A lot of them had to have us recreate another site for them because the business is just too lucrative.

With $250( #95,000 – ninety five thousand naira)you could have you own Bitcoin site online. Interested persons should contact [email protected] right away. INTERESTED PERSON’S ONLY. Price might be inflated soon.

Types of fake Bitcoin websites

Fake Bitcoin investment website.

This website is all about investing and cashing out Bitcoin,when you own this website you can tell your clients to invest in it (saving Bitcoin) and after 7days it will be doubled and ready for cashout. you have to put your personal bitcoin wallet inside the website so each time someone invest it will automatically enter into your bitcoin account,many foreigners are looking for how to invest Bitcoin so this is your opportunity,Those ready to take their hustle to the next level can go for this.

Cost: 95,000 (95k)

Fake Bitcoin mining website

Have you heard of Bitcoin mining ? Mining of Bitcoin may sounds like investment but little differences,Bitcoin mining is done by specialized computers.

The role of miners is to secure the network and to process every Bitcoin transaction.

So you too can own a Bitcoin mining site.

Cost : 95,000 (95k)

Bitcoin wallet website

Bitcoin wallet is storage in which you store your Bitcoin and other crypto-currency. Example of Bitcoin wallet websites are luno.com,coinbase.com , localbitcoins.com e.t.c you too can own something like this.

Cost : 95,000 (95k)

Steps to get this websites

I guess you already know the kind of website you want and what you want to use it for, also you can choose the kind of design you want,if you have a popular Bitcoin site and would like us to copy their design (Clone the site) you have to give us the url of the site so we can visit the site, navigate it and master the pattern used.

Next is the name of your website,choose a suitable name depending on the kind of work you are going to use the website of,we can also recommend some for you.

Once you have all this including your one time fee of #97,000 (97k) then we can now begin the work.

Developing the website,hosting it with a reputable hosting company and site fully propagation will take 24hrs .

Once propagation is complete your site will be up and running and your Cpanel (Control Panel) details will be mailed to you.

Your Dashboard login details will also be mailed to you.

You can access the site and transfer Btc from accounts to accounts as you wish.

To create a fake Bitcoin website contact [email protected] now. It’s not free. A fee of $250 which is equivalent to #95,000.

send message now to ([email protected])

To start your fake websites cloning.

You can now have fake Bitcoin website,make fake Bitcoin transactions,software to send fake Bitcoin,Bitcoin clone site, fake Bitcoin wallet.

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