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Best way to get money from your family as a Nigeria student


Feb 13, 2022
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As a Nigerian student,since you don’t work but only school,you should at least have some extra cash in your pocket for your up-keep and other expenses. So the question is that how can you easily lie to any of your family members that you need money,

in requesting for money,they are many things to consider if your request will be granted , some of them are “is your family financially stable” do they have enough at that particular or can they go extra mile to borrow just to fulfill your wish?,”how close are you to your family” the relationship and closeness you have with your family also matters.

The truth is that parents will always think that since the school fees and rent have been paid for and some text-books , we shouldn’t be needing money for anything till the end of the semester, and any time you mentioned money, all will be thinking you want to use it unnecessary. this is really affecting Nigeria students

In this article, you will see some professionally tricky proven ways to extort money from your family (parents)it is written in a professional way that when you throw up the lines to them , you wont be caught or your request being rejected. if you are interested in yahoo, you can also read about Yahoo military dating format and billing

This article will open your eyes on the “Best lies to get money from your family as a Nigeria student”


this is one of the most best ways to request money from your parents or relatives, everyone knows the important of food and know one can live without food, first try calling your parents through phone or rather use a text message if you can’t boldly speak up on phone, explain to them that you have run out of food stuffs, mention some of the things you need like : rice , garri , yam, beverages , fish and some soup ingredients.

Try to be emotional in the text or call, make them understand that you are hungry like mad , you can as well tell them that you now beg to eat which no parents will be proud of.

Call or text your relatives , senior brothers and sisters, uncles , aunties or your pastor. Tell them you are hungry , in fact i will advice you text or call all to get a better responses. You will be surprise that 2 or 3 of them will send you some funds.

The format should be something like this

“good morning sir/ma , its me Michelle ( your name ) how are you doing and also the family. Please i need your help. Am seriously broke, in fact aunt am hungry here , my food stuffs is finished and no cash at hand, i have called my parents but they are not responding positively. please try and help me with money Noting is too small . thanks and God bless you.


this method is among the old lies students use to tricky get money from their parents/family,and it have been working.

How it is done, you have to increase your school fees from the original amount to something higher , i.e if you are paying $100 yearly, you have to tell your guidance that your school fees is $170 or higher. In this method you have to trade with caution! , first it depends on the kind of parents you have . some parents are cleaver in way that they will make research and ask questions before giving you anything, some may request for the receipt or prove to show if you are telling the truth , if your parents are like that you have to be careful/smart in using this method.

You can as well present to them fake receipt or proves to clear their doubt. talk to your parents about it and also talk to your family members, you can as well tell them to help you pay part of it i.e your relatives.


yes! Every student needs textbooks and handout in all school no matter your course. In this method you have to list out all the course materials/books you will be needing for the semester , both the irrelevant and non-existing once . check their prices and send it as a text or you can call if that will be okay, increase the price of each books. Make sure you send it also to your relatives .

At the end if the money is sent to you , take some and buy the relevant once, you can as well borrow text books from your friend and keep the rest money for yourself . but remember to read o lol.


you can easily trick your parents/relatives money with this method, renting an apartment will cost your $$ and it will be much if you are renting outside the school (not school hostel ) .

Listen let me breakdown this method for you, how my friends usually do it back in the school . first you have to tell your parent/sponsor that you prefer staying outside school hostel , tell them the advantage of staying privately in your own room , like you will have peace of mind , safe from other students stealing your things , staying conducive .

And if the money is $150 increase it to $200 or something higher. Also list some few home appliances you will be needing like foam/bed, reading table, cooking gas e.t.c .

After receiving the money,go and apply for school hostel which will be cheaperπŸ˜€ , in fact with this method you will be leaving large like a rich boy every year.

Arm robbery/theft case

this one is good but some how o , in this method you have to pretend and voice out to your family members that you were robbed last night by some group of boys with arms. Explain to your parents that the thieves came in the midnight, gave you a serious beating and made away with your phone , laptop (if you have one ) and your money.

Right now you don’t have phone and laptop to be running your daily routine. By this you should be expecting money from them.

Sickness/illness format fee:

this method will work for sickle cell people that always sick everything, but if you are not you can still use it to cashout some $$. one of my female friend used this method, and you know what ? Five persons from her family sent her lots of $$.

All you have to do is to pretend to be sick . tell them you where admitted after you fainted in the classroom. Make sure to tell them that you are already getting better to avoid them trying to visit you. Ask them money for the treatment and drugs , also mention that the doctor said you should be coming for checkup /medication every week.

Imagine if you keep receiving $$ every week from them,that’s a cool deal .


this method is meant mainly for final year students, but even smart 100l students can use this format to cash out, In this method lets assume you are in your final year as an undergraduate, usually each student will be giving a project before passing out . from our experience some of this project are always stressful and expensive , why some are not,as a computer engineering student you may be asked to design a tech functional object or a mobile application,likewise educational students maybe asked to travel for research and record purpose.

This is your last chance to collect big bucks from your family members as a student. Calculate the amount the project will cost , then multiple it by three. E.g if the cost is $100 for everything, billed your parents $300 , after you received the $300 wait for like two weeks , then request for another $150 , your excuse should be that the first payment was not enough and you will need more money to finish up the project.

If you are not in your final year you can as well lie to your parent that you have a project in your department which will be use as your exam.


I don’t need to emphasis much in this method, as the name goes (birthday) .

You just have to be reminding all your family members a month to your birthday . since you are far from them, the only gift you we receive will be inform of cash $$ . text or calling them will do.

Then a week to the birthday, also remind them and you the opportunity to lay down your needs to them , imagine receiving $50 each from 6 relatives including your parents.

all this method if you put them in order very well, it will all worked out, you can as well try,you can also read Best way to scam on facebook without getting banned

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