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All yahoo formats And how to bill your clients

Welcome to hustler updates, today we will be talking about different yahoo formats And how to bill your clients.

Some problem yahoo boys are facing today is on how to bill their client and collect money from him. One thing is to get a client another thing is to give him some Billings.

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You must take this very serious and study it well because, any mistake you will cast the job and lose your client.

As we have different format same way we have different billings, that is each format have its own billing method.

So am going to show you All yahoo formats And how to bill your clients.

Yahoo Dating Billing Format.

This is between two lovers,man and woman.

As you have gotten the client and moved him to hangout or WhatsApp, the next thing is to nurse him/her.

How do you nurse a client? By sending him wonderful messages, keeping him accompany everyday, you guys know about each other and finally he fell in love with you.

The billing format to use here depends on how you handle him. If you are present your self as rich nigga, the format will be different with the one that present himself as broke.

House rent and Foodstuffs billings

Hello honey, my house rent will be due by next month, and the annuall cost of the rent is $2500.

I have already received a letter from the house owner to pay up the rent. Please i will need your help so i can pay the rent .

Also my foodstuffs have exhausted, you know i don’t eat much but because of my health i do select the kind of food i eat. Please i only depends on you.

Flight ticket fee billings.

Honey you remember i told you i could like to meet you, so we stay together and get married.

I just made enquiry about the flight ticket to fly me down there and the whole cost is $2000 .

Please i will like to come next month so prepare it for me.

Yahoo inheritance billing Format.

If you are doing inheritance work , and its time for billing, you can use any of this billing format below.

Hello sir am texting you in regards to the documents i sent to you, we are about to sign the document now with the government and i need a lawyer to do so , also some pending task needs to be paid, since the properties are much same way the taxes are. Both the lawyer and tax will cost $2500 . and it is needed within the week. Remember that.both of us will benefit from this.

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Itunes billing format.

This one is for Itunes card, if you want to collect itunes card from your client use this format below.

hey baby the silliest thing just happened

I’m locked out of my phone I can’t Access chat play songs or video PR listen to your beautiful voice notes that puts me to bed at night

why cause apple says I’m upgrade my apps and store On my phone before I can Access my message and call logs and gallery and social media platforms

I cant see your pretty smile that also puts me to sleep at night and also put me to bed because I have assurance that someone loves me

so baby please if you may can you kindly go to any store and get 400$ iTunes card 100$× 4

300$ for the update itself and 100$ to download songs on the store so I can hear what your favorite music sounds like.

Yahoo Military billing format.

In military format, we have different ways of billings which you can use for your clients.

Up keep billings

Hello honey, for the past two weeks now the government have been snubbing us when we ask for allowance for our up keep and feeding. I have been taking care of my self here in the camp, and now my account is low, please i need your help financially, i promise to pay back once we receive the money from the government, $250 should be okay for now thanks.

Military Emergency billings

Honey am not save here anymore, i almost lost my life in the battle Field last night, it was war between iran and iraq and those guys looks like aliens, please i need to fly back to the state and i don’t have any money now. I need your Help now when i get there i will pay you back. Flight ticket is around $750.

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Hospital billing format

In this format you already told client about your health issues and how you have been taking so medication.

Just take a picture of where you are in hospital and also snap some drugs and send them to him.

Honey, am currently in the hospital , i fainted earlier today and was rushed down to the hospital, the Doctor said i have to undergo some surgery which will cost about $900. Please i really need you to help me, save my life please, you know i love you and you are the only one i have now.

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Keep visiting this page Regularly as we will be updating the rest yahoo formats to bill your clients.

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