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iTunes gift card format – collect iTunes gift card from your client

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This post will teaching you Itune gift card format :how to collect itunes gift card from your client, everything you need to know about this gift card and the format , i guess you have been hearing about itunes card but may not know more about it, don’t worry i have exposed everything in this post.

All you have to do is take a glass of water ,hold your phone and digest every bit of this post.

This format i.e Itune gift card format is one and easy way yahoo boys are using to cash out big time now , its very simple and you can easily turn it to cash anywhere in the world. Many of my guys are collecting $300 weekly and even more.

Its just like your client sending you recharge card / airtime. But before i continue with the format let me explain itunes gift card and the uses.


ITunes card is a merchant gift card where funds on caIts are used to pay for music and apps.just like your client sending you recharge card / airtime. itunes gift card are used to pay for iTunes products like music,apps e.t.c . It is originally owned by apple.

Before iTunes, we went to the record store to buy music, It is very common today for merchants to have gift cards which can be loaded (or purchased preloaded) with funds used only for that merchant.

Ok, in case you don’t still understand , let me bit it down to what you are familiar with, for example itunes gift card is like MTN, GLO, AIRTEL or 9MOBILE recharge card, remember if you want to make call with this network, send text messages , buy data subscription, or another use, you have to buy their various recharge cards/ airtime then load them before you can use those services .

Now you understand, so this is same way itune gift card works.

I think the only reason Apple made this gift card was for individuals to be able to gift themselves music and videos , but as a hustler we are, we changed everything lol.

Scratches itunes card
Scratched itunes card

When you purchases an itunes card, they is always a sealed area at the back of the card , this sealed area is scratchable and that is where you will find the 16 digits pin number,each card has its own secret pin, which is you can directly use to purchase a particular song or load it into your app store for future use.

Lets say you are using iphone , ipad or ios laptop , and you want to download drakes song or full album, you can’t get it free you have to pay with itunes card.

We have different amount of itunes card. From $15 – $500 .

Ways to collect itunes card from your new client.

Did you just meet a fresh new client or you have this old client you have been nursing for long so you can cash out big amount at once, listen !! You can start collecting itunes gift card from them , below i have listed Itune gift card format :ways to collect itunes gift card from your client.


In this kind of format, you must have been discussing songs and videos with him/her, that is by telling them the kind of musicmusic you like, your favorite singers, your best movie series, also tell him that listening to music is your hobby , that it keeps your soul and mind working together, as well asked them too about their favorite songs, recommend interesting songs and movies .

All this shouldn’t be done in a day, be taken it step by step.

Check out this conversation between me and my clients

  1. ME – honey have you heard Beyonce’s latest album the lion king, the songs they are interesting.
  2. CLIENT yea,but i don’t like her kind of music i prefer john legend or nick minaj.
  3. ME don’t tell me you are crushing on that nicky’s big ass.
  4. CLIENT lol am just a fan , not more than that, you can listen to some of her songs , especially her last album, i bet you will love it .
  5. ME ok that could be nice, but how can i get it i mean the fully album?.
  6. CLIENT which phone are you using? If iphone you can get it in the apple store, just search for it.
  7. ME i just found it now , the price is a way high, she even featured drake in it , and also lil baby wow, honey i need to listen to the album please can you get iTunes gift card for me so i load it, and also i need to update my apps, $200 will be enough.
  8. CLIENT ok dear, but that will be tomorrow, promise.
You see how the conversation started and how it ended . that is for music format.


Send this picture to him

In this kind of format you will explain to your clients that your iphone apps like whatsapp , voice note, camera , hangout needs to be updated .

See format example below

i was notified last week all the firmwares in my phone needs upgrade including my facebook and my camera that I can’t be able to take pics or chat with my phone anymore until I get my phone upgraded before I can make use of it, right now I’m using my friend phone to chat with you, when I took my phone to a repairer he told me All I need to get is an iTunes card, he said that’s what I can use to get all the applications upgraded and the cam to start working, and right now I’m broke that I can’t get the iTunes. Babe if you can get it for I will be so grateful because I don’t wanna lose you and the way we chat on here. The repairer said the ITunes is just $100 or you can get $50 to get my phone fixed..


Send him this picture

hey baby the silliest thing just happened

I’m locked out of my phone I can’t Access chat play songs or video PR listen to your beautiful voice notes that puts me to bed at night

why cause apple says I’m upgrade my apps and store On my phone before I can Access my message and call logs and gallery and social media platforms

I cant see your pretty smile that also puts me to sleep at night and also put me to bed because I have assurance that someone loves me

so baby please if you may can you kindly go to any store and get 400$ iTunes card 100$× 4

300$ for the update itself and 100$ to download songs on the store so I can hear what your fav music sounds like.

Send him this picture


Now that you have successfully collected the itunes gift card , the next thing is to sell it and turn it to cash.

How to sell your itunes gift card? That should be another topic but i will clearly state it here . they are many online buyers that are ready to buy your gift cards and send you money directly to your bank account.

Some of trusted buyers are:

  • paxful
  • Hustle- update
  • Afr btc
  • Naira4 dollar

You have to be careful in other not to give out your cards to scammers. You can as well sell your cards directly to me , i pay within 10 minutes through bank transfer.

Other types of cards to collect from your client.

Its not only apple that have gift cards ,we also have many gift cards you can collect from your client, but i will list out useful onces here in our country.

Amazon GIft Card .

Photo of amazon card

This gift card belongs to Amazon , the popular online market place,.amazon Cards can be used to buy Kindle content, digital music and amazon Video downloads.

Google Playcard

Photo of Goggle playcard

Google play gift card is own by Google, if you gift someone a google.gift card the.recipient can redeem it ,use it to buy gift card from playstore and other google product.

Steam gift card .

Steam Trading Cards are a digital commodity issued by Valve Corporation for use on its digital distribution platform, this card is not physical and it is issued to steam users for playing games, fulfilling tasks, or by random chance.

Why you should use itunes gift card format .

This are the some of the reasons why u should used this formats .

  • it is very easy to compose, no much stress in this format.
  • you don’t need to fake your location, or need bank account or document to use this format, just trow it in a way i explained to you and everything will work out fine.
  • itunes gift cards is easy to sell ,any buyers are available to purchase your card as soon as it is available.
  • It is very secured , you can never be caugh

Now that you have learn itunes gift card format, kindly share this post to your friend’s on Facebook .If you need any help drop your comment.

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