• Wed. Feb 1st, 2023

5 investment plan for yahoo boys – never go broke again

Many yahoo boys who have touched money before and didn’t spend it wisely are now broke again,even those who bought cars and expensive spendings are no more with penny. This is what i call stupid. In this post i will show you some investments plan for yahoo boys – that you never go broke again.

Yahoo money is not legit/clean money, and any illegal doesn’t last forever,it wont be paying you every time so the secret to it is to change the illegal money to legit one through investment.

Importance of investment as a yahoo boy

As a yahoo boy your investment allows you to grow your wealth and at the same time generate inflation-beating returns. You also benefit from the power of compounding.

Not investing, or not doing it properly, can mean a longer working life. When taking investing seriously, the returns generated from your investments can provide financial stability in the future.

5 investment plan for yahoo boys

Boutique fashion store and accessories

Boutique – selling of designer shirts and general wears is very lucrative and a big boy business. With this business you can never go broke again since clothing is one of the most important human needs. As a yahoo boy who picked money you can invest in this business,and since many of your guys are doing yahoo too,they will be patronising you. Remember its not a must you will be the one selling it,you can get a trusted sales girl for it.

Fashion shops are really cashing out from the youths,the original jean you buy for 15k is been sold to them at the rate of 5k.
In your fashion shop include the selling of clothes (male) shoes,shades,watch, jewelleries, belt e.t.c , to start this business you need up to 3m and above .


Land investment is very good,because land appreciates every year, no matter the location, if you buy land for 1m this year, next year that land will worth upto 1.5m. Another good thing about land is that you don’t need to pay for maintenance ,so as a yahoo boy who hit upto 10m i advice you to buy land now and keep for the future.
How can you invest on land as a yahoo boy ?
Lets say you hit up to 5 – 10m, check those villages around you that the land is very cheap, buy each plot like 300k,about 10 to 15 plots. Leave the land for 5 years and come back for it.

Landed properties/houses

If are very smart as a yahoo boy if you invest your money in building commercial houses for rental in a developed area. Though building house is very expensive now but if you build it, its a life time investment that your children will come and enjoy.
How can you invest in landed properties? Check out some estate around you,buy land and start building houses on them or buy already built ones.

Check around high school environment,buy land and start building student hostels, this business is very lucrative.

Invest in Crypto-currency

This is for smart and intelligent yahoo boys,when i mean crypto currency am talking about bitcoin,usdt,Ether e.t.c , investing in this coin for long term is a very good decision to make,if you have up to 3m made from yahoo, invest 1m each to bitcoin,usdt and Ether for like 5 years,i bet you will be bagging nothing less than 50m after 5yrs.


Another smart investment i will recommend for yahoo boys is transportation, you can invest on keke, car, Bus,truck or trailers e.t.c
In this type of investment,your money comes bit by bit every week depending on your agreement with the rider.
For instance,you buy 5 keke at the rate of 700k each, and give it out to riders,each persons will balance you 1.4m within 8 months , that’s a huge profit without stress.


Please brothers,i beg you all, try and invest your money for future sake, the goal is to remove poverty, don’t be rich today and become poor tomorrow.

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