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10 offline skills to learn and make money in Nigeria


Feb 13, 2022
Are you a graduate or not, you are looking for something to do so to fetch you money, then i think you should learn a high paying skills.

Stop saying they is no job, you can create one for yourself,as long as you are healthy.

In this post am going to show you 10 offline skills to learn and make money in Nigeria. This skills are all high in demand and anyone can learn it.

List of offline skills to learn and make money in Nigeria.


In every company, business place, offices , banks, churches e.t.c they are all using cctv for monitoring their environment, even some homes now use it, learning cctv installation can fetch you a lot of money, why? Because for now few people are into it and that will give you the chance to make your own money.

Learn About
  • CCTV installation
  • CCTV maintenance / repairs
  • CCTV purchases.

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Phone And laptop repairs

I guess you are using a smart phone currently? And almost every individual is using it around you, why not go into phone repairs, it is a secret money making scheme, the training won’t take you more than 6 months to become a professional.

How about laptop, every offices and some individuals owns some laptop, you can learn this high paying skills and start making your own money.

Learn About
  • Phone repair
  • Laptop repair
  • Maintenance
  • Buying and selling of phones
  • Installation of softwares

Home 3D wallpapers installation.

3D wallpapers have taking over the wall scene. Many homes are now using wallpaper instead of paint, if you check it may looks technical, so if you can be installing wallpapers for people its a high paying skills in Nigeria currently.

Recommend wallpaper to people, tell them advantages of using it and the pricing.

Makeup / hair dressing

You may think that this Field Belong to only females,that’s not true. As a guy you can get this skill and make money.

The makeup industry is Nigeria has succeeded in distinguishing itself by making it possible for women to look charming at every point in time.

This days every woman wants to look attractive, and this have made the Makeup / hair dressing business lucrative.

Learn About
  • How to fix hair
  • How to makeup
  • Buying and selling of make up material
  • Buying and selling of hairs

Fashion designing

Its no long tailor o,fashion designing is among the lucrative business in Nigeria, with this skills you can be sewing for men and women or even group of persons.

acquiring the needed skill can be achieved with a year. And when enough skill is achieved, starting up your own tailoring shops and fashion lines becomes the next thing.

Make sure you learn everything about fashion.

Solar installation and maintenance.

One of the problems we have in Nigeria is the issue of electricity, every industry and household needs electricity.

An solar system is the ability to generate light/electricity from the sunlight, so if you have the skills of solar production and installation, then you have one of the high paying skills in Nigeria.

solar system is rapidly taking over now, and only few are in the business.

Shoe making

Shoe making business is very lucrative worldwide now, you will see a pear of hand made sandals cost 7-10k , that’s huge men, and the start up capital is not that big, all you need is just the skills , then you are good to.

A shoe maker can produce any kind of shoe and sandals, look for a training center and acquire this skill knowledge.


Imagine if you can bake cake, chin chin , meat pie and any kind of sausage that requires flour, then you can make enough money from it, even students can do this too.

Not only that, you can also be employed by big hotels and eateries that will pay you big money for your services.

Also wedding and birthday cakes can fetch you enough money.

Jewellery and bead making

Do you know that many beads and jewellery are hand made? Now you know, you self can start making your own beads that’s if only you have the skills.

Learn how to make beads , it won’t cost you much, and the time frame is not more than 6 months and you are good to go.

Hair Barbing

Every man in Nigeria needs hair cuts at least twice weekly. That’s why no matter how many barbing salon we have,it seems not just enough because they have over 70Million men to be serviced twice weekly.

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